How To Use A Neck Traction Device At Home  – Dr. Comfy
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  1. Put it around your neck and adjust to the inner diameter to as appropriate.

  2. Rotate the exhaust valve on the inflatable balls clock wise  and release the gas cut-off valves.

  3.  Hold the inflating ball and inflate till you feel comfortable by pushing the gas cut-off valves tight.

  4. Traction time depends on the conditions necessary for the treatment. Follow the doctor's advice.

  5. After traction,release gas cut-off valves and gas-nut.deflate gases slowly.


  1. Relax the neck as far as possible during the treatment. Inflate slowly to enhance traction effect.

  2. Inflating should be gradual and not excessive. If apear dizzy or other abnormal reaction, please deflate slowly until the adverse symptoms disappeared. Then readjust and use.

  3. Forced tearing is not available in case of bonding leaking. If the surface of traction is dirty, please use soft brush to clean. But do not use water for a forced clean.

  4.  Minors should not be used on its own.

  5.  Please read the manual carefully before use or follow the doctor's advice.