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How Does The Neck Often Suffer fromThe Pain

by AdminDr Comfy on October 31, 2019
Why your neck often hurts and what to do about it.
Neck pain is common in life, especially the white-collar crowd of a long-term desk job. These
pains come and go, affecting everyday life. Here are some of the common causes of neck pain and some common coping strategies:
Prolonged poor posture causes strain
A lot of people around us, working hard to forget food and sleep, forget to eat and forget the time. For example, if you sit in front of the computer for a long time, your neck will feel uncomfortable. This time, you just need to get up and stretch your body and move your head,
which will soon be relieved. At the same time, you should reduce the tin spent in front of the computer. If already formed strain injury can choose a massage, heat treatment, cervical traction
and so on.
Incorrect sleeping position
Still have a kind of circumstance more common, sleep posture namely posture is incorrect cause stiff neck, the neck can be very painful, do not need to go to a hospital diagnosis and treatment especially serious, general case is slight need to move a neck more only, undertake massage gently to neck ministry place, normal circumstance probably a day or so can restore
Nerve compression
You know what? Some of the details of our lives that we can' t think of can be the cause of neck pain. One of the conditions that can cause neck pain is neuropathic neck pain, or cervical compression of the nerve can cause neck pain.
Ache, this is more serious, need to pass the treatment of course of relatively long-term treatment, suggest to go to a hospital to take a film first, see cervical vertebra problem to do the appropriate treatment again, safety neck is put on the pain that is caused to nerve pressure has a very good effect.
Impact force
If the neck is hit by an external force, or the neck is accidentally twisted, which causes neck pain, the former may need to apply a cold compress to the injured area, and the latter may need to put a bandage on the injured area. In the latter case, a fixer must be installed on the neck to correct the bone in the neck.
Other diseases
There may also be other physical conditions affecting the neck, such as a bad cold that can cause aches and pains all over the body. This time to the disease targeted treatment until the disease cured, neck pain will be eliminated.
Matters needing attention
So in daily life should pay attention to correct bad work, life habits, maintain the correct posture, appropriate exercise, must pay attention to every continuous use of the computer or drive 1 hour or so, will get up to move, while moving the neck. It is best to do cervical spine movement remember not to do 360 degrees circular movement, because it will be very easy to hurt our fragile cervical spine.
Cervical traction
A cervical traction device is a very convenient household traction tool. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the type of cervical spondylosis can be traction in the hospital. For example, cervical spondylotic myelopathy is sometimes not suitable for traction. If the diagnosis is clear, the use method is very simple. Treatment can be done for 10-30 minutes before bed every day. The traction strength is usually 3 to 5 kg, depending on the comfort level. Generally, during the traction, feel the feeling of the neck and head at any time. If there is any discomfort of the neck or dizziness, stop immediately. If the symptoms of the cervical vertebra are relieved after finishing, it can be continued every day.