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Best ways to reduce cervical neck pain

by AdminDr Comfy on November 12, 2019

If you are wondering what cervical pain is, and whether you need to know how to deal with it, you have come to the right place. No need to panic hearing about cervical spine disorder, it is a clinical way of saying that you need neck injury treatment. Here, we will guide you regarding cervical pain symptoms, how to recognize them, and tips to ease that pain. Dr. Comfy is aware of the discomfort that recurring shoulder and neck pain can inflict, and is committed to helping fight the pain through neck traction. 

  • Clinically called cervicalgia, when neck injury is caused by poor sleeping posture, the accompanying neck and back pain can be seriously debilitating.
  • Often called a cervicogenic headache, it entails a feeling of the shoulder and head pain although the symptom originates from neck pain.
  • Sometimes the cervical fourth joint, known as C4, suffers from movement disorder and pain is felt in the adjoining nerve and disc region. Although it indicates shoulder and back pain, it requires neck injury treatment.
  • Occasionally victims of road accidents feel a whiplash of neck pain as a result of the muscles, ligaments, and discs connecting the neck and back facing tension from tissue damage.
  • Children carrying heavy loads of books in shoulder bags also experience shifting neck pain, or sometimes even muscle strain in the neck.
  • Neck and shoulder pain on the left side is a sure indicator that you need neck injury treatment. Neck arthritis can be a leading cause of this type of pain.

Only someone who has experienced the excruciating pain in the neck, shoulder and back region can appreciate the urgency of relief. Dr. Comfy empathizes with this need and recommends cervical traction as an essential treatment methodology.

It is widely known that neck pain stretches and neck pain exercises are recommended by all leading doctors today. It has also been observed that an effective neck traction device is extremely useful when you have a crick on the left side of your neck. Even when you have pulled a muscle in your neck and is inconvenienced by restricted neck movement, a good cervical traction device can cause relief in the strained muscle. 

  • A prolonged session of exercises such as neck stretches, the neck turns and neck tilts are recommended even if you find instant relief from pain.
  • Among neck arthritis exercises to avoid, weight training is widely discouraged. Also, it is advisable to consult your neck pain doctor before starting an exercise regime to avoid inadvertently hurting yourself and aggravating the pain.
  • A neck pain pillow, Dr. Comfy understands, is very popular among most people suffering from such pain and discomfort. You can certainly take a look at their website and see how their neck pain relief products can help you ease through the pain.
  • You will be excited to hear that the range of neck traction devices that Dr. Comfy sells through their website can not only ease your back and neck pain but also do wonders regarding shoulder pain relief.

Neck pain relief products such as a neck arthritis pillow can be very useful to generate some level of comfort when the neck, back area, and shoulder hurt. While Dr. Comfy has a range of products to choose from and bring that pain down, basic home remedies such as neck pain massage should also not be neglected. Remember that when you experience pain in neck and shoulder radiating down your arm, or experience severe discomfort due to neck and shoulder pain from sleeping wrong, consulting a doctor is the first step towards recovery. The next step, apart from home remedies and recommended exercises, can indeed be Dr. Comfy’s neck traction device, and once you use it, you’ll know the difference it makes to pain relief.