3D Memory
Foam Butt Cushion

We have designed 2 different mats for men and women.

Curve up to

【Shape Up Beautiful Buttock】

if you sit for longer, can relieve stress and shaping hip lines and S-shaped body.

Inner layer


Detachable cleaning design

Selected memory pillow


Ordinary cushion

Just making the seat a little softer, it is not enough to distract the spine.

Made of high-density bravo space memory cotton

With the help of memory pads, the lumbar pressure can be reduced from 130% of the average chair to about 75%, effectively dispersing 55% of the body's pressure!

Memory cotton cushion

Remember the curve of human spine, better fit hip, make the spine reasonably bear the body pressure.

Strong and Sturdy

Applicable to four seasons, it is durable and not easy to deform, for hassle-free cleaning!


If you find sitting uncomfortable due to hemorrhoids, tailbone pain, an accident or post surgery then you don't have to suffer any longer. Donut pillows are recommended by doctors and physiotherapists worldwide as an effective solution to ease the pain of sitting on hard chairs.